Sunday, November 09, 2008

Radical Feminism from the Daily Mail (or: Me and Ms Jones)

Yes, you may trust your eyesight - there is radical feminism at the Daily Grail! In fact, after today I believe that this paper might be the last bulwark of radical feminism in the Western hemisphere, thanks to its ghastly opinionista, fashion editor Liz "Morticia" Jones.

For in today's issue our Lizzie depicts the spectre of "Michelle Obama-Super Mom" throwing women -- yes girls, all of us -- back into a more barbarian past (gender-wise):

It seems women are still right back slap where we were in the Fifties: smiling idiotically at the sides of our powerful men, mere Stepford housewives in the margins of history, our silly heads full of nonsense like sleepovers, worries about stale bread, the laundry and perfect hospital corners. Guess who will be clearing up after that brand new puppy?
It certainly won’t be the 44th President of the United States.

Very funny, Ms Jones. You've done a fair bit of post-election reading, I can tell.

So concerned is our Lizzie (a deep social commentator if ever there was one, known for her relentless exposure of "silly nonsense" in weighty posts about the aesthetics of loafers, Samantha Cameron's fashion sense, and having her terrible split ends removed) about Mrs Obama's self-denigration that she gets a bit carried away with her comparisons. For instance, with regard to the future first lady's tongue-in-cheek comments on her husband's domestic ineptitude, she comes up with the following moment of utter insanity:

But, let’s face it, even Osama Bin Laden must, at some point, shout down the stairs (do caves have stairs?) that he can’t find his turban to some poor, put-upon female.
Being inept at domesticity doesn’t make a leader appear more human; it merely means he is, de facto, oppressing someone else.
Point taken, Ms Jones, you don't really like the idea that a black man has become US President, do you? Thanks for being so outspoken! Has anybody ever told you that you sound a little like Sarah Palin? Maybe you should have a little sleepover in good old Wasilla one of these days. I have the feeling that you and our Lady Also would get on like a house on fire - swapping cashmere leggings, blow-drying each other's hair and then having a bit of a white supremacist karaoke with Todd and Trig.

In the meantime, please stop instrumentalising Mrs Obama as a straw woman for your racism. Do you really think that women's silly heads are so full of nonsense that they don't see through your lame ploys?

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