Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama's sister on German TV

Apparently, there was a major stand off the other night on German TV between Barack Obama's half sister Auma and ridiculous former punk Countess Gloria von Thurn und Taxis - who, after spending the crazy 1990s with pink hair and dressed in a latex dirndl has turned to prim propriety in recent years (good Vanity Fair article on her "conversion" here). According to her Royal Whatever, arranged marriages are a good thing and condoms do not prevent HIV infection.

You don't want to know. This is Germany in 2008.

But - We have a remedy (We have .... a remedy):


Christoph said...

Ridiculous (you have a gift for understatement) isn't the only r-word I which describes the arch-catholic Mrs TuT.
BTW wasn't there a bishop who recently claimed that condoms were deliberatly infected with HIV?

Anonymous said...

How do you translate "der Schwarze an sich schnackselt halt gern" to English?


The Wife said...

"You have a gift for understatement" - Thanks for the compliment, Christoph: one tries to maintain a certain level of decorum in one's writing!

Which other r-word are you thinking about? "Rumbustious"? "Rabied"? "Rotunds"?

I don't know about the jiffy-bishop, but it would appear that he and Gloria would find an apt compadre in Michel Foucault. In her review of a book on poststructuralist philosophy in the current LRB, Elif Batuman mentions allegations that "Foucault initially discounted Aids as a mythical homosexual-targeting disease invented by the medical superstructure to control male homosexuality".

I have the feeling that certain colleagues of mine, too, would go so far as to believe that human beings are interpellated into illness.


I was wondering whether we shouldn't ask our students to translate that line in one of our next state exams. Would be fun, no?