Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All work and no play...

I'm hardly what you'd call a video game freak. I have, however, been an intermittently avid player since about 1977, when we got our first Pong console, and there were periods where things got a bit...obsessive. (Four words: Ultima, Elite, SimCity, Doom.)

I suppose the main thing lacking these days is time; however, I still love the idea of video games and their creative possibilities, and I play the odd demo now and then to see what's going on out there. (My latest discovery--like, a million years after everyone else, I know--is Oddworld. Very cool.)

Hence, I've been enjoying reading the newish Boing Boing gaming blog Offworld, which has a knack for highlighting things that might appeal to even non-hard-core gamers.

Little curiosities like the five-minute art-game Passage, by game designer (and simple-living advocate) James Rohrer. (via)

Or this Counterstrike level based upon Van Gogh paintings:


I also, via Mightygodking, discovered the oddly fascinating Auditorium.

OK. Break's over. Back to work.

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