Monday, November 03, 2008

Farcically and horribly uniting the senescent and the puerile. If only for one more day.

After weeks of looking for a way to efficiently sum up my feelings about the McCain-Palin campaign, how nice to find -- in an article at Slate on election eve no less -- that Christopher Hitchens has done it for me:

Who cares that it made the United States of America look thuggish and ignorant and petty in the eyes of any thinking person in the Middle East? Anyone who does care should be getting ready to vote against this humiliating ticket, a team that so farcically and horribly unites the senescent and the puerile.

The specific cause of Hitch's dismay? The McPalin attacks on Middle East scholar, Rashid Khalidi.

Yes, the ones we recently saw being so thuggishly defended by Michael Goldfarb.

Less thuggishly, but no less pettily, McCain spokesperson Ben Porritt recently had a tough time untangling himself from Palin's suggestion, on a conservative talk radio show, that her First Amendment rights were being infringed by press criticism:

The McPalin campaign is becoming so reliably entertaining that I'm almost disappointed that the campaign is over tomorrow.


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