Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's going to be OK

Something occurred to me last night, sort of out of the blue:

Barack Obama is going to win this election.

Given all the signs, this shouldn't be all that controversial. However, there have been several stories about nervous Democrats not wanting to believe it'll be true, fearing another stolen election or a last-minute shift in the polls.

I can understand this. And until last night I suppose I could count myself as one of those folks.

But with only a few days left, I want to enjoy this road to victory. This is going to be something to savour, increasingly so as the McCain-Palin campaign goes through it's final, absurd death throes and becomes more and more of an embarrassment.

There'll be plenty of suspense, to be sure, about how exactly this all turns out (and there are a few Senate races and ballot initiatives to be watched closely), but I believe it's going to be a lot less close and contested than the press narrative in this final stretch will suggest.

This is not an argument for complacency: to the contrary, I urge Democrats (and those of any affiliation leaning toward Obama) to go out and cast their votes and thereby increase the chances that the word 'landslide' is uttered sometime on Tuesday evening. Given what I've read (and heard) the Democrats have learned from previous mistakes and have the ground war well in hand.

Just remember: you don't get bragging rights unless you were part of the effort.

It's good to win. Let's win big.

And have fun doing it.

Just think: we will never have to hear from Joe the Plumber ever again.

Ah, bliss...

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