Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Nuclear Music

This is a song that I heard on my way to work this morning:

The Buchanan Brothers, "Atomic Power" (1946)

The spookiness never ends.

Just in case you still need a Christmas present or two: there's a whole CD full of apocalyptic ditties revolving around the process of nuking the enemy. Groovy!


Unknown said...

That's excellent. 'Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb' is the best title I've heard in a while.

Those songs are scarier than death metal.

Shall we treat ourselves this Christmas?

Anonymous said...

This is SO going to be teaching material for my history class. :)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget "That Great Atomic Power" by the Louvin Brothers. It too is gospel with the following lyrics:

There's an army who can conquer
All the enemy's great band
It's the raging men of Christians
Guided by the Savior's hand
When the mushroom of destruction falls
In all its fury great
God will surely save his children
>From that awful, awful fate]