Thursday, December 04, 2008

Whistle while (and before and after) you work

My non-professional existence these days is reduced to the 25 minute drive to and from work, which I tend to spend listening to Deutschlandradio Kultur (but for the bit where reception is bad and I get my daily dose of Radio Rockland). Although mildly annoying at times -- as the German artsy-educated-pc-liberal media tend to be -- there is plenty of interesting info and decent entertainment to be found on that channel (which may be compared to NPR in the US and Radio 4 in the UK).

DRK is not 1oo% reliable on the musical side of matters (there is a surplus of Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" at the moment, which they seem to have booked as their favourite final track before the news, and you have an angry rant triggered by my involuntary exposure to Chris Martin's purportedly deep lyrics coming), but typically I get to listen to one gem a day. Like this one, this morning:

What can I say: Mike Stipe looks like a cross between the Nuremberg Christkind (angelic, that is) and John Cleese.

[UPDATE]: Here I was willing to generously grant "Viva la Vida" the status of "halfway bearable tune" (but for the naff lyrics), but apparently the tune is the last thing that Coldplay contributed to the track. They're being sued for plagiarism by Joe Satriani. Oh, whatever will Gwynnie say to that?

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