Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tötally Brütal

According to Blogger, this is the 670th post at this here blog.

Which means, obviously, that we let the 666th go by without, you know, properly celebrating.

The trailer for the upcoming 'black metal adventure game' Brütal Legend seems a good way to atone for that oversight. (Via Offworld.)

It offers not only the needless Umlaut (the unparalleled symbol for bad-ass evilositude everywhere) and a hero based (loosely, it would seem) on Jack Black (whose sinister rock'n'roll we've featured before), but it also features Dio's 'The Mob rules' and plenty of gory battle-axe action.

(As cool as the music is, it's hardly black metal, but who am I to uphold the doctrinal purity of heavy metal subgenres?)

Oh, and while we're at it, let me reiterate my recommendation of the recent (and free) Mountain Goats EP, Satanic Messiah. Which, in fact, has nothing to do with metal. But which is very, very good.

Keep those horns up, people.

(Image context provided here.)

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