Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday reading (humorous)

Two related articles of note and interest:

1) The Express claims to have rock-solid evidence that one Jesus of Nazareth once came over to England for a visit, where apparently he had a particularly good time in Stonehenge - where the druids, or demons, or whatever, dwell.

As Glyn Lewis, author of the promising page turner Did Christ Come to Britain?, puts it in an awe-inspiring instance of, ahem, "historical" reasoning, Christmas carols like "I Saw Three Ships," which mention Christ sailing into the country, are “un-likely to be fanciful” because they “survived in the canon of carols.”

Full marks Mr Lewis, full marks for this lovely piece of religious ratiocination!

2) The Spiegel has a bit of a laugh about Erich von Däniken's equally rock- (or pyramid-/petroglyph-) solid evidence that our good old Earth witnessed several visits by aliens from outer space, who left us their various pieces of obscure artwork to ponder over for all eternity.

See what I mean?

Let reason prevail, today and any other day.


questionsaboutfaith said...

You certainly seem to have strong ideas and a strong intellect. Are you a nihilist or more rational that that?

Andy Walpole said...

ha... it's interesting as English folklore but otherwise it becomes pseudohistory.

I like the Express banner: The World's Greatest Newspaper... yeah... right...

Jura Watchmaker said...

Are you a nihilist or more rational that that?

"We belief in nothinck..."

J. Carter Wood said...

Man, JW, you read my mind...

And by the way: Nice marmot.