Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hinkende Vergleiche

Although we here (and others elsewhere) have commented on Angela Merkel's apparent authority over the German national soccer team, it is important that one's comparisons remain appropriate and fair. Just as a cuddly bat cannot be compared to batty Nicole Kidman, so furry Angela Merkel (photographed on a good hair day) cannot be compared to the hirsute (and happily deceased) Uday Hussein.

Of course, we know how to take a joke. Honestly, we do!

But we will not rise to the bait.

And vee vill vin!

1 comment:

J. Carter Wood said...

Or, OK, vee von't.

The Spanish certainly earned it.

And this strategy can't be successful every time, I suppose....

At least we didn't lose against Russia...

Congratulations, boys, on second place! Olé!