Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday reading matter

I have too much to do right now to find the time for serious blogging, so a few links to news items that caught my eye as I was scanning the web will have to do.

1) German public TV-channel ARD messes up the German flag in a spectacular way (just out of stupidity or by way of retaliating for a recent Swiss blunder, I wonder? This might be another case of "young colleagues" at work ....).

2) A Dutch insurer pays its insured members sickness-related trips to the shrine of her holy whatsit? at Lourdes.

3) Most Britons doubt the sources and significance of climate change.

4) In a controversial interview with Corriere della Sera, Ian McEwan voices his critique and fear of Islamism.

Considering the bloody battles currently being waged at other sites, all this may indeed appear trivial. But then we are in birthday mood over here at OD, today, and too concerned with licking the wounds of old age. And celebrating, of course.

And, no, it ain’t my birthday ….


Francis Sedgemore said...

Well, if it isn't your pet ferret's birthday, I guess it's The Wife's. Viel Glück zum Geburri!

J. Carter Wood said...

No, I am not entirely enthused to say, it is my very own anniversary of arrival....

The ferret turns five next month.

The writer's credits on this blog style are relatively small and hard to read. Will change that when I get around to giving us a new look. Sometime.

But I assume that your greetings are transferable.

And they are very welcome indeed.

Hope you're well.

Francis Sedgemore said...

Silly me for misreading the by-line. And of course my greetings are transferrable!

Canada said...

As a new, yet faithful reader and fellow ex-pat (I'm in Canada), I want to wish you a happy birthday and tell you get out from behind that paper and stop mourning.

I turned 50 six months ago but still recognize the 12 year-old boy I was back in Dayton Ohio in
'69 AND the 39 year-old of '96. You can't really want to turn back the clock? (Though I sure would love to hear Joplin shriek & moan again.)

Besides, you're thinking extraordinary thoughts, writing from your strength and have a fascinating & brilliant partner. Chin-up, lad. Lots to celebrate.

J. Carter Wood said...

Thanks very much.

No, we're not really in mourning or anything, and just yesterday we were coming to the conclusion that -- actually -- we have it very good.

I have no desire to turn back the clock. But if could exchange my 38-year-old joints with those of my 16-year-old self, I would do it in a New York minute.

Thanks very much for all the kind words!

Francis Sedgemore said...

I wouldn't mind having my 38-year-old joints back. Or my 38-year-old flat stomach, constitution and (relative) good looks . :-)

The Wife said...

Would people please comment about the post rather than their collected ailments?

Joke! Meant humourously. Smiley.

J. Carter Wood said...

Na ja, wie wir wissen: Das Sein bestimmt das Bewusstsein...


I'm with Ian McEwan.

Ario said...

Me too.

And Francis (in his fisticuffs. Not his 38-year old joints. No idea what that will be like yet. And all from a safe distance).

And happy anniversary. Thingy. A gift is - finally - on its way.