Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Music

The album I currently listen to on my way to and back from work is The Last Shadow Puppets' lovely The Age of the Understatement. It's nicely retro without being overtly derivative and Alex Turner and Miles Kane pull off the drainpipe pant and turned-up collar combo extremely well. Especially against a background of ominous looking tanks and other cold war paraphernalia:

Where the heck does the current flirtation with the iron curtain come from?

Anyway, here's my little popular association for the day: Gilbert Becaud's "Nathalie" (1964). Voilà an early piece of video art which manages to be even more meaningless (albeit in a picturesque way) than the one for the Puppets' "The Age of the Understatement". Watch out for the shot with Becaud and his blonde comrade in the Moscow métro, which is identical to one in the other video (I'm convinced that I'm the first to have noticed this reference and would like to be credited for this discovery from now on into all eternity):


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