Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Philipp Lahm are my hero.

Well done, Jungs!

An excellent game. And the Turks were amazing. Hard luck.

[Update] Someone, just now, found us via a Google search for "Philipp Lahm wife". From Phoenix, Arizona.

What are you thinking? No, I'm really wondering. The man scores an incredible last minute goal, and you're immediately thinking WAG??


Ario said...

Jawohl, gut gemacht. Tolles Spiel und tolle Tore.

Never thought I'd be cheering for the Germans, but there you go.

Perhaps it was about time I forgave the Germans for stealing them bicycles back in WWII.

J. Carter Wood said...


It is at least worth a bicycle...

Jasper Milvain said...

If I had to bet, your Googler wasn't thinking "WAG". They were thinking: "Marry me!"

J. Carter Wood said...

That could very well be, JM. Indeed, since last night we've been inundated (well, by our humble standards) with visitors who had googled "Philipp Lahm wife" or "Philipp Lahm married".

We like to think of ourselves as helpful and informative here, so:

Young Philipp is not married, but he does seem to have a girlfriend, one Nicola Valentino .

Sorry to be the bearer of disappointing news for those checking on his availability.

But as a consolation, a very nifty-looking screensaver (along with plenty of photos) is available from his official website.

J. Carter Wood said...

Sorry, people, I am way behind the times here.

Nicola is old news. Philipp is now with Claudia.

I apologise for any confusion.

However, there doesn't seem to be any mention of her at the official website, so, you know, his level of commitment to the relationship might not be all it could be.