Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Media glitch of the day

WW II-infatuated Brits (with a smattering of German) might like this one: During the Monday match between Austria and Germany, Swiss TV subtitled the German national anthem with the words from the wrong stanza.

Well you know which one. The one we don't sing. The one about Adige, Meuse and Neman.

The TV-station is apologetic and blames this faux-pas on two "young colleagues" who had researched the lyrics in the internet and copied the wrong stanza.

They were given a good talking-to.

We are grateful for this piece of effective authoritarianism (running smoothly like a Swiss watch?).

But where the heck have they been spending their lives? Britain?


Jura Watchmaker said...

Didn't Nico (of the Velvet Underground) sing Das Lied der Deutschen in its entirety at a concert in Berlin? It triggered a riot, if I recall correctly. I like a good riot.

In Nico's case I think this was an attempt at revolutionary irony. The Swiss effort, on the other hand, just seems typically cack-handed of the Schwabenbrötli chompers.

Given a good talking to, were they? Maybe the young sports reporters blame it all on Google, but that's no excuse.

As for Swiss in Britain, you may have a point. My ex-wife spent two years in southern England before I finished serving my postdoc sentence and we escaped to Darmstadt. The experience left her even more deranged than when she left Basel.

The Wife said...

Define: "Schwabenbrötli"

Jura Watchmaker said...

Swabian cookies (biscuits) - almond flavoured - typically Swiss - can't stand 'em myself.