Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nature still wins

So, here we are, our shiny happy Planet Football shut down by...a thunderstorm?

I am annoyed.

Still, as long as it stays 2-1, I'm content....

[Update] A nice summary via the Guardian.

The last word goes to Ravi Hiranand. "Here's how the game ended on TV in Hong Kong," writes Ravi. "Five guys in a studio listening in on a phone call between one of the presenters and someone sitting in the stands attempting to describe what's happened over the noise of the crowd and an awful mobile phone connection. Of course, it's all in Cantonese. Brilliant."


Ario said...


Couldn't organise a fondue in a cheesery.

J. Carter Wood said...

I'll leave the ethnic insults to the Dutchman...

...but I've heard similar things elsewhere. But I can't comment...

But they do have a charming (German) accent.

And make nice clocks.

And chocolate.

And our bank account, they tell us, is very, very secure.

J. Carter Wood said...

Actually, according to Der Spiegel, it seems that the trouble was in Austria: there was a power outage at the international broadcast centre in Vienna.

They only managed to resume broadcasting using the feed from Swiss television, which had not been interrupted.

Here's to the well organised Swiss!

Ario said...

Hurray! (We are thinking of moving to Switzerland after all, so I should be nice about them).




They are so bland I can't think of any stereotype to ethnically insult them.