Monday, June 16, 2008


A passage from a Guardian article about the Belgian author Amélie Nothomb struck a chord:

She's always considered herself to be an outsider, though less so since publication. "Before I had this feeling everywhere, with everybody," she says, "I felt marginalised by the whole world. Whereas since I've been published, at least I'm not marginalised by my readers, and since I have a lot of readers that limits how much I can be marginal." Many of her readers identify strongly with her characters, she continues. It seems that the feeling of being marginal is very widespread. "There are many of us outsiders."

I wonder whether this doesn't capture the dubious desire that drives many of us sad bloggers? Find the other outsiders?

I reckon I'll have to get back to Nothomb's books. I have a few on the shelf but never really got into them.


lily said...

Kia Ora.
I wouldn't say that bloggers are sad and their desire is dubious.

But I agree with that point about writers looking for readers who agree and disagree with them, because that brings their pieces of writing to life.

But it's a wonderful thing, isn't it?

Where is the point for actors or dancers or artists if nobody will pay attention to their talent?

All the best,

headbang8 said...