Thursday, February 19, 2009

Storage solutions

Apparently there's been some brouhaha over the comment by New York's new Hillary-replacing senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, that she keeps two rifles under her bed. The weapons have since been moved to a more secure hiding place, apparently out of concern that their previous location had been revealed.

This is the occasion for Michael Schulman at The New Yorker to pose somewhat snarky questions to Thomas H. King, president of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association about 'where to hide your rifles'.

We do learn, though, just in case you were wondering, about a few bad ideas for gun storage.


One place to avoid: the refrigerator. “It would probably cause rust because of the moisture.”

Very helpful.

I like King's responses at the end:

King, who lives about thirty-five miles from Gillibrand’s house, added that he owns rifles himself, but wouldn’t say how many (“That’s none of your business”) or where he keeps them (“That’s none of your business, either”). He did confirm, however, that they are not under his bed.

In Germany, in case you're interested in these things, the law requires all firearms to be stored, unloaded, in safes. The ammunition has to be kept seperately (and not in the refrigerator).

Where the safe resides?

None of your business.

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knowdoubt said...

I like to keep mine right by the head of the bed, helps ward off nightmares. On rare occasions I have actually had to fire, in self defense. Only problem has been the bullets go right through these people leaving holes in the walls. My wife complains that it is startling to her.