Friday, February 13, 2009

I, too, once had a Quick Curl Barbie*

Fascinating stuff that takes me back via David Thompson. Not joking. These photos make the production of Barbie dolls appear like fine art.

* I had the blonde one in the pink dress. I remember to this day how, on my birthday (my fourth, I believe), my mother came into my bedroom early in the morning, holding the doll that apparently I had craved so intensely in the pool of orangey light made by the basket-weave lamp. Her smile was eerie. It said: "Child, this is your future ...."

Sadly, Barbie didn't curl as quickly as the name promised. Or rather: it quickly curled into a wiry mass, making Barbie look vaguely like my granny. Especially with the 'seventies maxi-dress she was wearing.

Oh well, I reckon you all wanted to know that ....

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