Monday, February 09, 2009

Eastern front

Luke Harding's chilling article on Russian neo-Nazis is fascinating for many reasons, not least the image of Russian fascists dressing like British fascists and worshipping a German fascist, while at the same time believing that anything not Russian is to be kicked, stabbed and mutilated:

I later discover that most Russian skinheads revere the Führer, believing that his only mistake was to attack Russia. The average age here is about 15 or 16; the style is baseball caps, Burberry scarves and Lonsdale - the uniform of the British far-right. One skinhead even has a Union Flag jacket. There are several girls. The skinheads adhere to two ultra-nationalist groups - the Movement Against Illegal Immigration and the Slavic Union.
If these people weren't so vicious--a fact made abundantly clear in the article--they'd be laughable.


headbang8 said...

And laugh at them is exactly what we must do. Mockery is a potent weapon to disempower them.

J. Carter Wood said...

I agree.


Backed up by a Colt .45.

Kris said...

The thing that amuses me most is that the theory that underwrites these people's hatred is that they believe themselves as representative of the vanguard of human genetics, and that the focus of their anger and violence represent a threat to the purity of humankind.

Quite when slack-jawed inbreeding and the subsequent borderline mental retardation became the pinnacle of the human race, I am not sure.