Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A note to Bristol Palin

From a German perspective, to call one's baby "Tripp" is a trifle ambiguous. For "Tripper", as you probably won't know Swansea Nuneaton Bristol, is a colloquial (to put it mildly) German term for "the clap".

Now of course it's highly unlikely that anybody in Wasilla middle school would call your little nipper "Tripper" during recess, with the express intention to make a nasty joke worthy of a Pinkerian analysis at his expense. But (even) you must admit that in the right light, and from the right angle your child's name might be seen as infelicitous.

And of course the clap is the last thing we would wish upon that innocent little babby of yours. Especially as he is doomed to live in this naughty cesspit of immorality that is our world, where - as you have (almost) candidly garbled pointed out yourself - abstinence is one heck of an unrealistic idea.

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mikeovswinton said...

Well that's all fair enough, but you would not believe what Obscene Desserts means when said to a speaker of Turkomen. You wouldn't be having a laugh at poor old Bristol and Tripp. You'd probably have been soundly thrashed by the Turkmen.