Thursday, July 02, 2009

That end of the 80s feeling

Sometimes it just creeps up on you.

The Stone Roses, 'Waterfall'

The Sundays, 'Here's Where the Story Ends'

(It occurs to me that, given the temperatures outside, The Sundays' song 'Summertime' would be more appropriate, but given that didn't come out till the mid-90s, it would mess with my organising framework...)


mikeovswinton, keepin the faith said...

For an alternative take on the end of the 80s feeling check out the Youtubes for the Blue Ox Babes - especially the video for "There's no deceiving you". The Album, "Apples and Oranges", has finally been released. Was due out in 88. Now its got a lot of the other stuff that the band, whose mainspring was Kevin ("Al") Archer, the co-founder of Dexy's Midnight Runners, did at and around that time. The whole story is very sad on a number of levels, not least being that a record label felt that music like that wasn't saleable. Its out now, and well worth a listen - especially the scorching version of Al Green's "Take me to the River". Go on, stick up some links. (I would if I could, but I'm rubbish at the Interweb.)

J. Carter Wood said...