Monday, June 29, 2009

(Not quite) Starting Something

Far from wanting to diminish the talent of Michael Jackson (he was, after all -- at least for a long period of his life -- a very talented and charismatic figure), I thought this video of earlier choreography helps to make the point that what he was doing, while innovative, was not entirely new. (It is also, on its own, quite an enjoyable few minutes.)

I've been interested in historical continuities recently. Human nature, standing on the shoulders of giants, and the like.

(Via Boing Boing)

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mikeovswinton, keepin' the faith said...

Can I suggest some links to one of the other precursors of Michael Jackson? Mr Brown has been mentioned a lot recently, and he was an incredible mover as the video shows. But Jackie Wilson was also up there too. Check out on Youtube the clip of him singing "You'd better know it" for the moves. Also the clip of "Lonely Teardrops" with a huge drop - amazing. And whatever anyone says, no one will ever convince me that Michael Jackson had a voice as good as Jackie Wilson's.