Monday, June 08, 2009

Drop your panties, Sir William; I cannot wait until lunchtime!

The Wife's latest post inspired certain personal memories of Britain, particularly that wonderful example of British language programming, 'Follow Me'.

(Which is more than slightly reminiscent of the spoof educational series 'Look Around You'.)

Speaking of learning languages:

And speaking of hovercrafts (full of eels, or otherwise):

(The last sentence of that report is somehow also fitting...)

I have a sentimental spot for the old hovercraft: in the late 1970s my family took it from Britain to the Continent and back (we were visiting relatives who were in Belgium).

I enjoyed the Hovercraft...but threw up on it going both ways.


mikeovswinton, such were the joys said...

There was this lad in 3C who always reckoned that it was really worth getting a saturday morning detention ( yup, that's the sort of school I was at -boys only, and 3C was a second year form, and they'd only just got rid of the Remove and there really was a 'Tuck shop') for answering the head of French's question; "What does "Il fait froid ce matin" mean?" with the words "Dunno sir, could it be My nipples explode with delight?". He certainly had street cred back in 1970.

J. Carter Wood said...

I had a couple of friends like that... I have to say, I never had enough attitude to do things like that.

In hindsight, I wish I had occasionally been a bit more reckless at times.