Friday, July 17, 2009

End-of-the-week German word: 'Schussbild'

Literally: 'shot-picture'.

I believe the English -- or more likely American -- equivalent is 'grouping', but I didn't become an enthusiast for this kind of thing until long after I'd arrived on these European shores, so I'm not sure about that.

Some Anglophone gun-nut will have to confirm this for me.

Anyway, after a few months of effort with the new tool for putting holes in paper from a distance, I'm finally feeling good about mine. (My 'grouping', that is. This is at 25m for those of you who care about these things.)

Although that 7, of course, still bugs me: lapse of concentration.

And the near-7 on the right: sloppy trigger technique.

It happens. You have to leave it behind. Every shot is a chance to begin anew, after all, as the Zen master observed.

Still, a relatively soothing evening at the range. Which was much needed.

It's been an odd and stressful and, somehow, momentous couple of weeks. The momentous bit you'll likely find out more about when things are more...settled, shall we say.

Some of the odd and stressful bits have been relieved by finding out that a (dear) family member is less ill (we think) than believed at first. This is definitely the most important thing this week, and we wish him, publicly and earnestly, a quick recovery.

Still, the fragility of the bodily containers that contain our special unique personhoods has once again been brought to our attention.

And this is never a very comfortable thing.

So, going into the weekend, I offer for those of you who haven't had the chance to leave your weekly frustrations behind through a blaze of lead and gunpowder, a few relaxing tunes whose beauty I've been reminded of via the 'random play all' feature on my MP3 player over the last few days.

'Green is the Colour', Pink Floyd

'Ripple', The Grateful Dead

'Woodcat', Tunng

Yeah. Groovy.

Take care, all.

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