Saturday, July 04, 2009

Run away to the country, run away to the coast

In a comment on my posting of a couple of late 80s favourites, mikeovswinton (who I believe has achieved the status of Most Frequent Commenter here at OD...not all that difficult, when you consider it, but still worth praising) pointed us to the music of The Blue Ox Babes, especially the song 'There's No Deceiving You'.

It is, really, quite good.

I haven't found a video link to what he calls the group's 'scorching' cover of Al Green's 'Take Me To the River', but I'll take his word on it.

I mean, the Al Green version is hot enough as it is:

I like this clip, not least since it's from Soul Train, which I used to watch quite a lot of between the ages of about 6 and 14.

Believe it or not. It used to be broadcast on our local Chicago TV station, I think, after the last of the Saturday morning cartoons. Alternatively, it might have tended to come on after the classic movies--usually Charlie Chan or Sherlock Holmes--on Sunday mornings.

In any case, thanks, mike.

Wishing you love, peace...and SOUL!

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Bro. mikeovswinton, Keepin the faith said...

"I'd like to dedicate this to Little Junior Parker, a cousin of ours who's gone before..." You know where I'm coming from.