Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Karel Gott

Most people outside of central Europe won't know about Karel Gott - the famous Bohemian crooner who has a huge following in Germany. Your loss! Karel - "der Gott" - is seventy today and I wish him many happy returns.

Elderly Germans will remember the sideburns and the pale yellow "Dackelohrkragen" (Anybody for an apt English translation? Thank you.):

Generation Golf, by contrast, can warble along to the Maya the Bee theme without the aid of a teleprompter:

My brother - he of the kidney stone - does a very convincing Karel Gott impersonation. We both do. Our family has a knack for foreign languages even when we don't speak a single word of them. We might even have a stab at this one when bro's out of the hospital:

Whatever might Karel be singing about? The Unbearable Tightness of [His] Pants?

I told you I've been tired lately.

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