Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who's afraid of the big fat pig?

In England, it's "The Wild Runts", in Germany, it's wild boar. As English suburbs are haunted by feral youths, German pedestrian zones suffer from rampaging hordes of sus scrofa.

I don't know what's more intimidating: being held up in your local kebab by a snotty teenager or by a snouty pig. At least pigs are clever, as this article in Stern reveals, which describes the havoc recently wreaked upon the nearby town of Rüsselsheim by a dirty half dozen of pillaging boars. The attack, it appears, was well planned and strategically executed.

Oddly enough, the anxiety surveys to which Norm Geras directs us don't mention pigs as a source of urban fears, so maybe things ain't all that bad.

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