Friday, October 31, 2008

Eloquence in action

Among the various reasons that John McCain's campaign has been struggling this year (I mean, apart from the negative effect of Bible Spice), I think we should give credit to the excellent spokespeople he's got working for him.

We've already highlighted the unconvincing gibberish of the improbably named Tucker Bounds, and today we can add to it the playground antics of Michael Goldfarb, who appeared on CNN to discuss the GOP's latest guilt-by-association wheeze, the one involving Rashid Khalidi:

No doubt, there are some delusional McCain supporters who think that Goldfarb comes off looking good in this video, just as they seemed to think that it was the reporter who got the best of Joe Biden in this bizarre exchange involving a quotation from Karl Marx.

That's fine.

I would be the last person to rob them of their delusions.

They don't, after all, have much else going for them.

And I am nothing if not generous. Especially to losers.

One small request though: after this election, can we perhaps agree that use of the word 'maverick' or the phrase 'pallin' around' will be made somehow punishable? I'm open to suggestions for what an appropriate punishment might be.

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