Thursday, October 23, 2008

A new (old) England

In further economic news, financial experts have issued a serious warning:

WITH unemployment expected to reach three million by the end of next year, economists were last night warning of Billy Bragg.

The dire financial climate means there is now a greater chance of the communist singer-songwriter than at any time since 1987.
Please do read the full story. Which is terrifying. (Via The Yorkshire Ranter)

A reminder of the threat we face:

Previous Bragg references here and here.


Dale said...

Zing! But you have to admit Billy Bragg has written one excellent song.

Exactly one excellent song. One.

With slightly varying lyrics and varying titles.

[rim shot]

I will always love his work with Wilco in the two Mermaid Avenue albums, which I bring up at every excuse to do so. Volume 2 is actually not quite so great but for The Best Song Ever, "Remember the Mountain Bed," which I bring up with even more maddening frequency.

I also find Billy Bragg fascinating for singing with an English accent. I always found it mystifying in my early music-listening years that English singers didn't tend to sound very English when singing. Bragg does!

Anyway, good stuff. Thanks.

J. Carter Wood said...

I've seen Bragg live more often than any other singer (a good...dozen and a half times or so since 1986 in three different countries) and it's never disappointing.

I guess I love that one song....

Yes, the first Guthrie album is excellent ('Way over yonder in the minor key' being one of my favourites). I never got around to vol. 2, but, yes, good stuff.

As to language, I made a few points about that in an essay on Bragg and Colin MacInnes a while ago.

If the 80s are coming back in other ways (economic crisis, leggings, asymmetric haircuts, neon, Cold War politics) we could do worse than a Billy Bragg revival...