Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Just for the record ...

... I have always found Russell Brand a totally negligible dimwit (What do you expect? He's an Essex boy).

And that goes for Jonathan Ross, too. The negligible dimwittedness, I mean. Otherwise he's from Camden (I didn't know people lived there).

But at least now I know not only that Andrew Sachs originated from Germany, but also that we share a birthday (albeit several decades apart).

Oh, and my brother is called Manuel.

And: I, too, learn English from a book.

[UPDATE] For a rather linguistic take on this matter, see Francis.


Geoff Coupe said...

And here's Andrew being a perfect English gentleman about the whole sorry affair.

Sachs shows effortlessly what it is to be connected with the best in people. I would far rather count him among people I could depend upon than either Brand or Ross.

The Wife said...

I literally just watched that video, with nearly the same thoughts in mind. What a charming man Sachs seems to be!

J. Carter Wood said...

I second (or, rather third) that.

Calm, differentiated, deliberative speech is so rare these days.