Friday, August 18, 2006

Graphic entertainment

Here's something enjoyable to look at...even if your German is not that good. 'Kleine weisse Spinne' (Little White Spider) is a short comic from young German artist Sascha Hommer. (When you're at the Spiegel site, click on the panel to go to the next one in the series of 17. Or, alternatively, zurück is back and weiter takes you further.)

This is the first I've heard of his work, but I have to say that
the gallery at his website evokes a curious mixture of cute and disturbing which I find very appealing. (Note: The relatively small amount of text on his site is in English.) His book Insekt seems to update Kafka, focusing on a boy who - much to his surprise and that of his classmates - discovers that things are not as he thought they were.

By the way, has
a very nice little comics page, where various German artists are introduced. It's worth browsing.

As is
Orang magazine.

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