Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We will fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds....

...but, no longer, it seems, on the train platforms.

By the end of 2013, Germany's rail company Deutsche Bahn wants to include the Cologne-London route in its regular offerings. From that point onwards, high-speed ICE trains will rocket through the French countryside at 300 kilometers an hour before travelling -- slightly slower -- under the English Channel to London.

Preparations for that date, however, are well underway -- and on Tuesday, the first ICE pulled into St. Pancras Station in London following a test run. The train was received by the head of Deutsche Bahn Rüdiger Grube and German Transport Minister Peter Ramsauer.

Of course, Jerry has this time cleverly disguised himself with British markings.

We've seen this trick before...

(And, of course, here.)

For you, Tommy, ze journey is just beginning!

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mikevonswinton said...

London to Cologne - ausgetsikenet as they say in Germany I believe. Seriously, any ideas on how long it will take me to get from Pancras to Galestro, under the lines at Koeln HBF, one of the three best coffee bars on the face of the planet?

John Carter Wood said...

I really must check out Galestro the next time in Cologne and have some spare time.

It sounds...well, ausgezeichnet.

Apparently, London-Cologne should be about four hours.

Which is pretty incredible.

That is: if the French don't scupper the whole deal.