Sunday, October 10, 2010

On not understanding a thing

This, apparently, is about photography (via):

"I adjust some levels in Photogene, crop the image, run it through one of a handful of CameraBag or Lo-Mob filters, then use TiltShiftGen not to make a tilt-shift image but because a little bit of blur goes a long way, and because TiltShiftGen has a killer vignetting tool."

I...uh...point and shoot.

I'm beginning to wonder whether, at the tender age of 40, I may just be too old for this world.

(Or, as ICP might put it: "Fuckin' iPhones, how do they work?")

Remember kids: 'A little bit of blur goes a long way.'



Dale said...

Wow. Well, I do get "crop the image," but I'm with you on the rest -- it might as well be in Chinese.

Geoff Coupe said...

Ha - Martin's new pocket camera, a Canon Ixus, can do a very acceptable tilt-shift shot all by itself. No need for us to bother our heads about it. I've been amusing myself taking shots of the house and admiring the way that the Canon has made them into what appear to be miniature models...

John Carter Wood said...

We happen to need a new small camera at some point. The Ixus, from your description here and at your blog, sounds like a good 'un.