Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jetzt verschlungen vom Wald, jetzt an den Bergen hinauf

As far as I can tell, there seems to be little established tradition about how one should celebrate the Day of German Unity.

We did so in what seems as appropriate a way as any: going for a hike through a nearby forest, the sort of place where the German soul feels most at home.

A place rather like this:

Since the forest was so dark (even on a sunny day), most of my shots turned out blurry...except for this one. Which I feel sort of makes up for the others.

The route we took was 'Michel's Vitaltour', whose name derives in part from the 'German Michel' figure associated, according to some arguments, with our region (and with Stromberg -- where the route begins and ends -- in particular).

At 13.2km (with a lot of ups and downs...though I noted the ups more than the downs), it was a good way to spend our Sunday morning.

 Just off to the left of this image and further along the path was a small gathering featuring not only a stand selling grilled steak but also a brass band. Sadly, they stopped playing and took a break just before we got there.

A few further photos can be seen at our Flickr page.

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Jürgen said...

Hi Anna and John, thanks for reminding me of the date! A good hike seems a great way of celebrating this day and of "being German", as you label it. Hiking is one of those German peculiarities I brought to Mexico with me; I even managed to convert Lulú, much to the consternation of my in-laws, who, "being Mexicans", conceive of nature as a big, ant-infested picknick ground enclosed on three sides by dangerous shrubs, and a road on the fourth side. I admit that I had forgotten all about this date, but we did go on a hike all the same and at the end had one of the many Mexican national dishes:

John Carter Wood said...

Hi Jürgen! Good to know that the great German hike travels well. I have to confess to having been long a bit of a Naturmuffel. It was being surrounded by such lovely scenery that changed my mind.

Still not wild about the ants, though.

Alles Gute!

Susan Hipple said...

Hi John- your photos are fabulous... Dad would have been proud!! =) See you soon! love, sue

Anonymous said...

Hi John- your pictures are fabulous! Dad would have been proud! c u soon! love, sue =)

John Carter Wood said...

Thanks, Sue! Glad you liked them. Looking forward to being in Chicago again.