Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A way with...words?

It might just be me, but I find it a rather sad statement that Katie Price has managed to reach number 59 on the list of the 100 bestselling authors of the last decade.

That's £21.8 million in books.

I.e., what people are willing to shell out to read what Ms. Price has to say.

And that puts her 14 places behind Shakespeare.

There are moments when (just for a moment or two) I think that climate collapse/a giant asteroid collision/space invasion can't come soon enough to wipe this sorry species from the planet.

Though I may, I realise, be exaggerating.


mikeovswinton, but mentally in cornwall said...

There was a piece in one of the papers - probably the Guardian - about one of the top selling authors over here. Can't remember his name (and this was the point - no-one has ever heard of him), but he writes guides to set texts at GCSE and the like. His books are liked by teachers, apparently, and he's cleaning up. So, its not just Katie Price's books that we are, apparently, reading. Me; I'm working through the entire Wycliffe oeuvre of W.J.Burley one by one. And very good they are too.

mikeovswinton said...

Richard Parsons. 7 on that list. Check him out on Amazon. Nearly 10million books sold. £40+ million. makes Katie look like an amateur, or just, as brian London would say, a prawn in the game.

John Carter Wood said...

Well, more power to him, I say. Though I admit that the thought of achieving even that princely sum via churning out GCSE revision guides is a bit...daunting. Certainly a bigger challenge than appearing on Celebrity Jungle Camp or whatever it's called.

Yes, there are loads of people other than Katie on that list.

Still, her presence so high on it is still a source of depression.

mikeovswinton said...

Yeah, I'm with you there. I think the gist of the piece - which I suspect might have been in G2 and not put onto the website - was that Mr Parsons realised that most study guides were rubbish and so why not write good ones? My faltering memory of some of the ones I read in the run up to GCE A level Eng Lit suggests he's a fairly sharp cookie. So does his bank balance. I'm not sure that the ever smiling (and I think we know why) JK Rowling is a good example of reward correlating to effort. I mean she never had to eat a bug or anything , did she?