Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thinking only nice thoughts

To clear the palate of the last, rather negative post before moving on to more pleasant things, I can only recommend Geoff's collection of his best photographs from 2009.

Especially this one. (We had such a baby bird in our yard this year, but didn't manage to get a photo.)

Thanks Geoff!


Francis Sedgemore said...

Looks a bit grumpy, that bird. English, perchance?

Geoff Coupe said...

"English, perchance?"

Nah, it's Dutch. Say no more.

Geoff Coupe said...

BTW, Watson, the Labrador puppy, looks particularly innocent, but don't let that fool you either.

The bastard has just chewed through the cables to one of my Hi-Fi loudspeakers. To say that he's in the doghouse at the moment would be an understatement.

John Carter Wood said...

The wee fledgling we had in our garden looked just as miserable, and I believe it was as a result of finding himself outside the cozy confines of the family nest without apparently having a clue as to how to get back. So he stood there, sourly, for a few hours till (we presume) his mother came along and sorted him out.

I'm not all that surprised, Geoff, at Watson's delinquent behaviour. There is a telling mischievous gleam in those eyes. And as to the angle of those ears...well, let me just say that Lombroso would have had a field day. Born criminal, methinks. Good luck...

And a very happy new year to you both. Guten Rutsch! as we say in these parts.

Francis Sedgemore said...

I reckon the feathered one's a visitor from over the North Sea, come for a bit of smoke, and none to happy about local mores. "They put mayonnaise on their chips, and have no conception of a decent cup of tea. It's a bloody disgrace!".