Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A typically suggestive manor

And while we're wallowing in the world of British media stupidity...

There does seem to be something wrong (or, alternatively, exquisitely right) about the caption to this engrossing article about comedy force of nature Russell Brand:

It's only the fucking Mail, I know, but still...

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The Wife said...

No doubt the copy-editor took one of them fast-track 2-year degrees that Mandy has been praising recently.

That's our future we're looking at here. People should really heed my words when I tell them they really ought to read the Frail, but all they do is look at me (with mild embarrassment) as if I were mad or something.

Which I ain't. I'm a prophet of doom and the doom is disseminated on a daily basis in the British press. Open your eyes, people: It's all there for you to see!