Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sunday shouldn't be like every day

Oh yes, I remember the days when I too wandered about town in an oversized coat and a scowl:

But today - aged beyond recognition and living a life when every day (including Sunday) is decidedly unlike Sunday - I have begun to appreciate the quiet days when towns are sleepy and shops are shut.

As they are still, mostly, on a Sunday in Germany (which Anglo-American friends and family have tended to find puzzling, if not a violation of one of their inalienable rights).

And so I was immensely pleased by the recent ruling by the German Federal Constitutional Court that the liberal pre-Christmas Sunday opening hours in Berlin are unconstitutional. Atheist or not, I think people deserve a rest from getting or spending, to be free to do ... nothing in particular. That is a pastime we should earnestly cultivate.

And on that note I'm off to ... do nothing in particular. Toodlepip.


Mr. Joyboy said...

Holy hand grenades -- that's the first Morrissey song I've heard that could hold its own with the Smiths. Delightful wall-of-soundiness, and the androgynous pixie got up in Dexy's Midnight Runners garb is something else.

The Wife said...

What d'ya mean you didn't know that song???

Where have you been spending your teens? Texas?