Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Would you eat this mushroom?

Er - people? Ahm - can I, maybe, briefly take your minds off the whole "Palin/Palin offspring (or not?)/Palin soon to be son-in-law is a foul-mouthed redneck" brouhaha and tell you about what else happened in the world? Like: really important things? Such as the accidental mushroom poisoning of famous Horse Whisperer author Nicholas Evans, who is is currently in hospital in Scotland after ingesting several specimens of potentially fatal Fool's Webcap.

Fool's Webcap - sounds nice, doesn't it? Sounds like a seventies' band with a habit of getting high on Fool's Webcap.

Looks really vicious:

Cortinarius rubellus. Now there's a good name for a kid. "Cortinarius - cum 'ere or ah'll smack yer!"

In German, this dangerous fungus is called Spitzgebuckelter Raukopf. Which would make a somewhat less attractive name for your offspring. Or a band, for that matter.

But maybe Sarah Palin might consider to use it for her redneck sprog ... oooh, will you shut up?

Why on earth anybody in their right mind would wish to eat those, I don't know. They have "kill, kill" written all over them. And while I do feel sorry for Mr Evans and wish him well, I'm afraid I also have to say that he is not a very clever man.


Francis Sedgemore said...

I'm afraid I also have to say that he is not a very clever man.

Or a particularly good writer. Whenever I read that a story is "...an extraordinary tale of healing and redemption", I know it has to be crap. Bestseller or no.

The Wife said...

Oh well, healing and redemption is exactly the kind of thing that Mr Evans needs right now, isn't it?

Although he may be willing to just settle for the healing.

I thought he was much older than what the juvenile likeness on his website suggests. Or maybe it's the likeness that is old and he doesn't look like that anymore. I seem to remember pictures of him with a flat cap.

Oh, Photoshop ...