Wednesday, September 24, 2008

He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy

Don't expect anything extensive, thoughtful or deep from me for a while: it's not only that I've been feeling a bit under the weather since catching my first cold in four years while in Lyon (of all places) after being dragged around the city's Roman amphitheatre by a gaggle of world-famous (and apparently intrepid) crime historians during a major downpour, I also have a Pic du Canigou of work sitting on my desk, whose current apparent insurmountability brings tears to my eyes.

Plus after a good two weeks of radically limited internet access, I feel splendidly unangry with the world. You see: we simply missed most of the bad shit that's been hitting fans worldwide, or only learnt about it from foreign language sources, which I always find to be a subtly alleviating experience. And the lack of broadband on demand has meant that the countless diverting banal tidbits that we typically snack on throughout the day have gone uneaten in these parts.

So instead of a rant, it's time to sing a couple of praises. I am truly very happy that Monty Python's Life of Brian will finally be shown in Torbay, that Omphalos of high morality and deep culture on the English "Riviera", whence it was banned when the film was released in 1980.

That kind of warrants a bit of a sing along, don't it, or a rousing hosanna or two? Not least since a good part of the English branch of John's family can now enjoy a nice, sacrilegious night at the movies without having to travel to foreign Dorset.

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