Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We'll be like bugs when they break through a cocoon

Well, after a couple of weeks and a couple of thousand highway kilometres around France (a vaguely oval shaped journey from north coast to south coast and back again with a quick stop in Spain thrown into the bargain) we are back.

We are also a bit swamped with Things That Need Doing, so the resumption of normal broadcasting may wait a short while.

Both of us have been, after all, largely bereft of world news (and almost entirely bereft of the internet...wi-fi is fairly readily available on the Route du Soleil, but in Normandy...well, not so much) for a good couple of weeks. We have catching up to do.

Rest assured, we'll be filling you in on our travels and thoughts on all and sundry sooner than you might think (or might wish).

But to be brief, we understand that, with regard to the international finance system, there was a near total collapse that made everyone very sad, then a rescue package that made everyone very happy and, since then, a lot of wondering about whether they should have been either so sad or so happy to begin with.

We have been pondering why we have assumed that the financial experts shoving tonnes of money around the world know what they're doing. We assume this no more. Which, if nothing else, might be a useful lesson to learn.

Otherwise, we mourn (and we mean this) the loss of Thomas Dörflein (the former caretaker of one very popular German polar bear), who died much too suddenly and young as well as Rick Wright (keyboard player for a band that has been important to one of us for going on about two decades now).

Otherwise, it seems like pretty much business as usual to me. But that view might change after some perusing of our friends' blog archives...

But, just to entertain you till we're back on track and also to support The Wife's astute recommendation, I wanted to give you another joyous dose of Herman Dune.

Herman Dune, 'I Wish That I Could See You Soon'

This song makes me very happy. I hope it does the same for you.

Even if you're an investment banker and haven't had a lot to be happy about recently.


Kris said...

"Bereft of world news". How very, very lucky!

Do you wanna buy some shares in these really great lenders I'm looking to shift? Solid gold, I tell ya...

Ario said...

Welcome back, dear LOLbugs. You've been missed. We have been in need of some of your strange sanity for these strange times.

J. Carter Wood said...

Thanks both, for the welcome and, Kris, for the shares offer. But no, thanks, we have enough useless stock on our hands. Though, I suppose, now would be the time to find some bargains.

'Strange sanity'? I like it. Needs to be put into a song or something. I'll get to work on that...

We missed you all too.