Thursday, May 08, 2008

We rule the school...

Who said that the new Notwist album, 'The Devil, You + Me' sounds 'flat' and 'middling'? Rolling Stone (German edition, #5, May '08)?

Well, not to put too fine a point on it: fuck off!

Our copy arrived early today. We've already listened to it four times. It is...extraordinarily good.

Especially track 3, 'Gloomy Planets'.

And all the rest.

Buy it, people. Ario agrees, I believe, eh?


Ario said...

Who are what is this Rolling Stone?

What do they know?

I completely agree with your assessment. It's one of the better CDs I have bought in the last year.

Just out of interest, do you also think it has a tinge of Mogwai?

J. Carter Wood said...

Rolling Stone is a music magazine that caters to ageing hippies or to those who like the music that ageing hippies made when they were far less aged.

I sometimes fall into the latter category, I must admit, and I find that the magazine's focus on rock history sometimes is of more interest to me than, say,

1) the obsessive (and often unreadable) theorising about any thing New and Experimental (though often just Exhausting and Tuneless) that you find in Spex, or

2) the chirpy and often shallow alternative mainstream to be found in Musikexpress.

In any case, I mainly buy it for the free CD sampler. You can get some good stuff that way.

The current issue, for instance, came with a CD full of tunes from old American cowboy films, so I not only have a copy of Lee Marvin singing 'Wond'rin' Star' but also Robert Mitchum singing 'Foolish Pride'.

(I have also bought many issues of Spex and Musikexpress, but, again, pretty much exclusively for the music sampler. They mostly contain junk, but every once in a while there's a real gem there.)

I know Mogwai only by name, so I can't comment on the tinge. I'll have to check them out.

Ario said...

No, I am going to pass on those magazines too. I think I will restrict myself to the music recommendations on your blog instead. You seem to have taste that can be trusted.

Must check out those mountain goats.

And that's enough of the flattery for today, though.

Graeme said...

I saw The Notwist around the time that Neon Golden came out and they were doing the Mogwai wall of guitars thing in their live show. Haven't heard this one, so I have no idea if they're bringing some of Mogwai's more subtle elements into the mix. Stands to reason though.