Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fascists Stole Cliff's Euro Victory (But Ex-Fascists Apparently Liked It)

Or how else are we to interpret the fact that this Express article on "The Greatest Eurovision Fraud Ever" - claiming a Francoist conspiracy against every British mum's dream son-in-law - ends with this reference to the success of Cliff Richard's "Congratulations" beyond the bespeckled isle:
The song stayed at number one in Germany for seven weeks and sold more than one million copies.

An appreciative slap on the back of the former enemy? Or a self-congratulatory reminder of Britain's finest hour - thanks to which a major musical war on two fronts was prevented? (The German Eurovision entry for that year was a pompous hymn by Norwegian-born Wencke Myhre - and what a fascinating combo this and the Spanish song would have been). And why the hell should this be an issue today?

At least, thanks to the research conducted in connection with this Matter of Great Concern, I know that the artist originally entered to sing the impostor song "La La La" was withdrawn because he wanted to sing it in Catalan.

“¡No Pasaran!”

I'm sorry if this is a trifle banal. I'm too tired to come up with anything deep at the moment.

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Anonymous said...

No pasarán pero pasaron :) (They won't pass but they passed, oh dear!)

It's funny to see how they English are vexed and cry. Do they think they SHOULD always win?

The story is lauched by a Spanish TV channel, ridiculously biased to this stupid Zapatero, which wants to win the Spanish Civil War 70 years later!

The channel, la Sexta, simply want to promote Chiki-chiki, this year Spanish candidate, a real freak.

And there's no evidence that Franco bought anything but the rumour has ruined the superb song Lalala. Bravo la Sexta!