Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So it's us again, or wot?

More cheese and wine party info that you don't really need from The Independent. Is it just me, sensitive me, who detects a hidden anti-Hun agenda in Rob Sharp's article on polythene?

Yeah, yeah, go ahead -- blame your bloody national rubbish problem on us.


nescio said...

Nope, not just you. But this is mild stuff.

In the Netherlands you Huns are still blamed for having knicked our bikes in WWII.

You just don't mess with a Dutchman's bike. You just don't. said...

Yes, it's comparatively mild, but this is The Independent, after all, one of the self-appointed vehicles of educated, liberal thought, not The Sun.

Of course I'm aware that the British "quality press" has been working hard at reaching the standard of stupidity set by the tabloids, but it kind of pains me to see it. I mean: here we have a world power, geographic, economic and otherwise, a people of admirable drinking skills, with a highly esteemed royal family, now entering the great nuclear entente cordiale with a French dwarf ... you'd think that country would want to show off some decent dailies, wouldn't you?

I never kicked no bike, by the way. Never ever.