Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Zum Weinen


Clearly, Spain was a better team.

Good enough to make German children cry.

So, I hope they're happy with themselves.

Still, we can take comfort in those areas where we're still ahead of Spain.

Like, maybe...well...our bond rating.

And we have one eerily psychic octopus.

Whose life, I fear, may now be in danger.

Bad luck, Jungs: well done in getting much further than expected, and thanks for so many fine moments.

Now: let's take third place! (When our Ringo Starr look-alike will again be on the pitch.)


Ario said...

Don't worry. We will enact revenge on your behalf by losing 2-0.

In which case - by virtue of having been slightly less hapless - you can still be smug towards your midget westerly neighbour.

As a newly assimilated German citizen you're probably already aware there is no better feeling.

Or so sources of some authority have told me repeatedly in the past.

mikeovswinton said...

Is Paul the Octopus giving odds on either Von Bommel or De Jong getting a red card?

mikevandenreebok said...

Or is he predicting they'll do their thuggery/what you looking at me for ref I'm Dutch so I don't do fouls and I think he may have touched me first routine?
(I can't forget De Jong's "tackle" on Stu Holden in the Holland/USA 'friendly'.)