Monday, July 05, 2010

Waiting for Steve Jobs

There was something about passages from Charlie Brooker's current column -- on the iPhone, or what he calls the 'Jabscreen' -- that reminded me of something by Becket:

But once I had a Jabscreen of my own, I soon discovered the novelty lasts six months, tops. There's a limit to how many conversations you can have about it before you reach burnout. Have you seen the app which takes your photo and makes it look like you're really fat? Yes. And the game where you land all the planes on the runway? Yes, that too. Hey, how about this thing with the funny red monster that repeats everything you say? Please leave me. Please just leave me here to die.

Though there were other parts that reminded me more of something by Pasolini:

Best of all for Jabscreen 3 owners, however, is the news that the Jabscreen 4 also has a minor flaw. According to some reports, it can appear to lose reception under exceptional circumstances, such as a nuclear winter, or someone holding it. Apple zealots were quick to point out that you can get around the problem entirely by placing the device on a velvet cushion and gazing at it and breathing through your nose and masturbating instead of making any calls.

These are kinds of despair, I'm pleased to say, that we have avoided entirely.

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