Saturday, July 03, 2010

Philipp Lahm: centre of the Internet universe

Thanks to Geoff, I'm now aware of the statistics function that Blogger has integrated into all its blogs.

It's only been operating for the last few days, but it seems that the World Cup is having an impact on our traffic, humble as it is (click for a larger view):

What is it about Philipp Lahm that's setting the world on fire?

Is it the eyebrows?

Oh yeah: 4-0 against Argentina!

I had not expected that.

And I expect the people currently driving up and down our street with horns blazing and flags waving hadn't either.


mikeovswinton said...

Revenge for 74 on the horizon at last? Looks like it might be. That said I'd rather been hoping for a Uraguay-Paraguay final.

John Carter Wood said...

Or a repeat of '74, if we have any luck...

First things first.

Spain won't be a pushover.