Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scapegoating Wednesday

Recent events have led me to think about causality. This kind of thing happens more often than you might think in this household.

First, today's Times features a silly little article about how "green issues are causing more family rows than ever" in the already distraught and traumatised British middle class.

Second, over here in Germany, Bishop "Deep Thought" Mixa once again does justice to his aptly onomatopoeic surname by claiming that the sex scandal at an elite Jesuit college in Berlin - where, it has recently been discovered, scores of students have been sexually molested over decades - is an aftershock of the 1960s "Sexual Revolution".

Yeah, right. Because fundamentally fucked up institutions (the family, the Church) really need (at least potentially) progressive political ideologies to go off the rails.


Francis Sedgemore said...

I always wince when I see the word "Kindemissbrauch", and in my mind automatically translate it literally. As for the story, it is a most impressive display of Catholic sophistry.

And then there's the visit the other day of Ireland's bishops to Rome, where there was a little restrained wailing and gnashing of teeth over the endemic child abuse by Catholic priests and religious (a term used for non-ordained monastics).

Catholicism really does cover a multitude of sins.

The Wife said...

"Catholicism really does cover a multitude of sins."

My father attended an Augustinian-led college from age 10 onwards. This not only gave him (the son of a poor war widow) an education, but also, I believe, some kind of trauma. I haven't spoken with him in years and sometimes wonder whether I might blame his paternal dysfunctionality on this particular experience.

Mikeovswinton said...

1. The 'green' couple lost me at Dogs and Agas. I'm a cat person myself, and I think more of a Korean Microwave cooker.

2. I wondered if Herr Dr Mixa was actually getting involved in some sort of internicine anti-Jesuit thing, so I looked up his German wiki page, but I lost the will to live half way through. I did discover that his predecessors as Bishop of Augsburg included Narcissus and Dionysus. Now I may well be ignorant, but weren't they Greek gods? And didn't Dionysus know a little about those naughty things they got up to in the sexual revolution of the 60s? Any light on this from our expert on crypto Baptism might be helpful Crypto Dionysianism? (There was another called something like Pankriatus von Dinken. Crazy name, crazy guy, as private Eye might say.)