Monday, February 01, 2010

If you don't hug your son, some other man will

You want to know why I believe in an evolved human nature? Because of the "low-flying behaviourist" (Stuart Hall) nonsense spluttered by people like gay conversion God Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, co-author of The Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality:

"Homosexual behaviour is always prompted by loneliness [....] It's a pathology, a struggle to connect with the male identity [....] We advise fathers, "If you don't hug your sons, some other man will." We train the mothers to back off.
I'm in despair, as so often these days, not only because of the head-banging painfulness of statements like this, but also because even sane people will continue to harp on about the totalitarian dangers of biology and genetics, while quietly ignoring the irrational nether worlds of social/psychological constructionism as illustrated by the above. Because biology is deterministic and cultural determinism is good, right?

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Kris said...

The anti-gay crowd never cease to amaze me. Really, Dr. Nicolosi needs to get the gear off, lather himself in baby oil and have a good wrestle with some strapping Spartan lad.

It'd change his whole Weltanschauung.

I ask you, Dr. Nicolosi, how can something that feels so right possibly be wrong?!?