Sunday, November 29, 2009

A warm thought for wintry days

One of the charming things about advertisements from the 1920s was the prevalence of hand-drawn artwork. Not all of them, of course, were winners; but when it worked, it worked.

At least for me.

Like this one, for Bovril.

Daily Herald, 31 December 1926.

I don't know much about the graphic artists of the time. Anyone recognise this signature?


mikeovswinton said...

I don't know the artist, but I remember drinking Bovril at the baths when we'd finished swimming. With a bag of extremely greasy crisps.
But the thing about Bovril is that for a couple of years - so the legend goes - it was actually acceptable for Vegetarians and indeed Vegans. Like the famous brand of crisps from Leicester that did a cheese n onion flavour veggies couldn't eat, but Chicken flavour we could.

Mademoiselle Catherine said...

I definitely couldn't tell whose drawing it is, but I love that kind of ads.
I'm not a great fan of Bovril though...

(how strange, the word verification wants me to type "unsin"...)

John Carter Wood said...

I've never actually had Bovril. Though I'm in London at the moment and could quite easily pick some up to go along with the other British delicacies (Nairn's Oatcakes and Colman's mustard) I tend to stock up on when here.

Though I must say I find the notion of liquid beef less than appealing.

Which reminds me: I keep forgetting to see whether the local supermarket carries Camp Coffee

Mikovswinton said...

We used to have Camp Coffee at Bolton Wanderers back in the 60's. You know, in the days when we went to watch Kenneth Williams in the latest Carry on. Its cracking for coffee cakes, by the way.